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November 22, 2020

100 Days of Prayer

Our Discipleship Groups (previously called Prayer Triplets) continue to meet during this season of 100 Days of Prayer. My group of four men usually meets on Wednesday mornings, and it has been a joy to talk and pray with these men, getting to know them and their faith better. The Disciple Groups are working through a booklet that explains our discipleship pathway, which is the next-step process of spiritual growth. We are learning about the three parts of a disciple’s life: (1) living by faith, (2) living in community, and (3) living with purpose. I trust your participation with a Discipleship Group during these 100 Days of Prayer has been a blessing to you as well.

2021 Ministry Plan Budget

An email was sent to our church family this past week with a link to the proposed 2021 Ministry Plan Budget. This recommendation comes to the congregation jointly from the Finance Committee and the Deacons, and I hope you will consider this excellent plan carefully and prayerfully. It will be presented more formally at the Church Conference on December 6.

Church Conference

The Church Conference for the final quarter of this calendar year is set for Sunday, December 6 at 5:00 pm in the Perry Fellowship Hall. Some of the items scheduled to be presented are the 2021 Ministry Plan Budget, Staffing Recommendations from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Overage Expense Recommendations, Report on Local Missions Expenditures, and 2021 Mission Trips. I hope you will make every effort to be a part of the decision-making process with these items and more. Child care will be provided.


Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church Statesboro


Year-to-Date General Fund
Goal $2,771,057.48
2020 Receipts $2,514,924.05
2019 Receipts $2,652,948.50


Gifts Received
General $46,596.52
Designated $3,702.88
Building $4,115.00


Long Term Debt
Balance Owed $589,182.78



2020 First Baptist Church Statesboro