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Coronavirus Update

March 18, 2020, 1:00 pm


Press Release

March 16, 2020, 4:50 pm

First Baptist Church Statesboro updates report of Coronavirus on its campus

First Baptist Church Statesboro has received updated information pertaining to the recent report of the coronavirus at our facilities.  New information provided to us states that the individual in question actually tested negative for COVID-19.

Our initial report was based on information provided to us at that time.  Today, information was brought to our attention that the individual who attended the wedding on March 7 at our campus actually tested negative for the virus.  The confusion was that her father and a coworker had tested positive, so she was told to act, “as if” she were positive until her own test came back.

We are pleased to report this new information to our congregation and community, and we regret any unnecessary concern that was caused by the initial report.  Indeed, these are unprecedented times and First Baptist Church Statesboro desires to serve our community with the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please visit the church’s website and Facebook page for any updates.


March 14, 2020

Upon reviewing an earlier public statement that I released regarding a coronavirus-related incident in our community, I realize that my message cast a negative light on a highly regarded private school and its administration. Sadly, my choice of words created tension and division instead of relaying words of appreciation for the fine work they do every day. I offer my sincerest apology to them for my poor judgment and the harm they have received. The administration of this private school, as well as their faculty and staff, should be held in the highest regard for their commitment to families and children as well as to God’s Kingdom work.


The primary purpose of my earlier post was to relay the following important information:


On Saturday, March 7, 2020, there was a wedding at First Baptist Church Statesboro, and one of the out-of-state guests subsequently tested positive for the virus several days later once she returned to her home state. Once she tested positive, required reports were made to the appropriate health authorities in an effort to keep proper officials, as well as concerned citizens, informed.


Diligent effort has been shown to contact individuals who may have been in contact with this person while on our campus, as well as at the other community venue where the reception was held. Following the wedding, the facilities of First Baptist Church Statesboro were sanitized and disinfected thoroughly, providing a clean and safe environment for our staff and congregants.


As a congregation, our desire is to serve the Bulloch County community with peace and grace, sharing the Gospel of Jesus as we express His love through kindness, humility, and service. As we press onward through uncertain days, we will keep you informed of any information that we receive related to this and any other pertinent issue. Updated information will be posted at fbcboro.church as it is received.


John Waters

Lead Pastor

First Baptist Church Statesboro

March 14, 2020

With heightened awareness of the Coronavirus, along with recommendations by Governor Kemp, we have chosen not to gather for worship this Sunday, March 15.  The live service will be online only, with John Waters and Rhon Carter leading in worship, but the congregation is asked not to gather at the church facilities.

All other activities tomorrow and through next week, March 15 – 21, have been canceled.  This includes all weekday preschool classes, midweek activities, Bible studies, and all musical rehearsals. The Church Office of First Baptist Statesboro will be open for regular business hours.

The staff and leadership team will meet Monday morning to evaluate the situation and make other announcements as appropriate. Information will be posted on fbcboro.church and the First Baptist Church Statesboro Facebook page.

To access tomorrow’s worship service at 11:00 am, use any of these links below on your computer, smart TV, or mobile device:





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